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Enterprising business owners often make do until they can’t anymore. When it comes to working where you live, there may be a breaking point where it’s time to move for both business and personal reasons. If you’re ready to make the leap, follow this guide from Delaware Beach Homes before packing up.

Know Your Legal Responsibilities

Launching a business is the best way to control your work schedule and earnings. Yet entrepreneurs have tax and legal responsibilities they must adhere to. Before you start working with clients, ensure that you’re legally established. In most places, the first step to starting a business is choosing a company structure and registering your business name. Then, you’ll check with the IRS on your tax responsibilities, and finally, pursue any locally required licenses
or permits.

If you choose to structure your company as an LLC, you should also make sure that you’re Registered Agent Ready. In other words, you’ve designated a Registered Agent as the point person for communication with tax agencies, law firms, and the government. Requirements vary by state and municipality and also depend on your industry and products. As the U.S. Small Business Administration notes, most companies need licenses and permits at both the state and federal levels. It’s worth checking out these details before deciding on where to move. Then, you can do the research specific to your desired location.

Take Online Tools with You

Moving to a new location is challenging when your products and materials are physical items. Fortunately, many digital tools can help at home, on the road, or on a smartphone. Digitizing records is a smart business move, and having documents on your phone or tablet makes accessing them easy. You can even use a PDF-merging tool to create a master file (or one for home, one for business). Reordering pages or making changes is simple, too. Most devices can read PDFs easily, and printing your documents is simple as well.

Equip Your Home Office

A well-equipped home office will boost your productivity and make settling in easier. Once you scope out your new workspace, take measurements to determine what will fit where. Product storage is essential if your company sells physical items, but a quiet space to concentrate is crucial, no matter your industry. Ample desk space, comfortable and ergonomic seating and plenty of power outlet access are other must-have checklist items.

Try Renting Before Diving into a Purchase

Buying a home makes sense for many entrepreneurs, but renting has its perks, too. Check out the rental market in your new area and keep an open mind. The timeline for getting into a rental is typically shorter than purchasing a house, especially if escrow is delayed, notes Chase. Living in a rental, particularly a short-term one, lets you try out a space to see if it works for your needs.

Unlike renting, a home purchase often requires cash up-front for your down payment and closing costs. Renting may provide the opportunity to build up savings for a purchase down the line. To find the ideal rental, peruse local online listings and filter by price, home type, number of rooms and amenities, and other crucial features.

Get to Know the Area (and Market)

Once you arrive at your new place, it’s time to get to work. A significant part of settling in personally and business-wise is finding ways to connect to your new community. On the business side, marketing is crucial to drum up customers for your company. Local marketing may involve word-of-mouth advertising; chatting with other business owners can help you connect. Online marketing is key as well, so your web design matters more than you might expect. Search engine optimization (SEO) and geotargeting, such as Google ads, can address your target market remotely, too.

Managing a move at the same time as a business launch is complicated. But with the right preparation, and choosing the ideal rental, you can avoid a dip in productivity as you transition.
In no time, your new locale will feel like home (and work).

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