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​As a follow up to our earlier blog post, Seven Tips for Getting Organized During a Move, I interviewed Alison Kero of Alison Kero Organizing on Zoom to drill down into a topic that is difficult for a lot of people: de-cluttering closets! In this video, Alison covers a variety of subjects that can help you if you’re packing to move or getting your house ready to sell. Remember, buyers always look in closets! And these tips will help you even if your closets are overcrowded disasters. She covers topics like:

  • Getting Started: Take Out Everything!
  • What to keep, recycle, and throw out
  • Addressing “Hanger Hodgepodge”
  • Re-thinking your shelf space for ease of use
  • Alternate ideas for shoes and accessories


Getting your home ready for sale involves more than just staging furniture, it involves creating an atmosphere that helps buyers visualize the lifestyle your home offers them. De-cluttered closets allow prospective buyers to envision their wardrobe in the space—as well as cementing the impression that your home is well cared for. Plus, a complete closet makeover is like a great haircut: you feel much lighter and oh-so-organized. Enjoy the video!


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